Shock Absorber Testers

The system has a dual DC Brushless Linear Servo motors capable of 

achieving 20,700N peak force, and continuous force capacity of 8,100N.  The actuator assembly forms the base of the load frame, and a two 

column load frame with load cell-mounted crosshead makes up the 

mechanical assembly. All electric components, including servomotor 

drives, line conditioning, and safety circuits are house in a common 

electrical panel. A separate operator console houses the Tiab Series 2M servo controls, which communicate with the motor drives via a Profinet 

real time isochronous high speed Ethernet protocol. All operator interface is done via a standard Windows 7 or later computer, which communicates with the Tiab controller via a USB2.0 communications interface. The 

computer can be networked for data archiving at the customer’s 




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