Engineering Software Development


We have developed some high efficient and easy-to-use FEA softwares. These softwares can improve engineer’s work efficiency greatly and reduce mistakes. We also provide customized development service for our customers according to their requirements. And we are now developing a full automatic FEA softwares, which can do meshing, assembling, setting up materials, properties and load cases automatically, and even generate summary reports after finish calculating. Our goal is  to release the CAE engineers from heavy and repetitive work,  and thus the CAE engineers can focus on creative design and development work.


Softwares developed:

√     Model Tool:
       A secondly development software in HyperMesh, including many high efficient and easy-to-use

       modules, such as spotweld tool, rename tool, set thickness tool, BOM tool, Bolt Connectors

       tool, etc.

√     NVH PlTool: 
       A secondly development software in HyperGraph, which can plot many kind of NVH curves





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